Who knows what it might have become?

Morph and changes

This one was on it's way too something... But on the first day that I brought it with me, I met a man who had to have it, jusst the way it was.

It's a Busker guitar

That you can play anywhere.
Often, with artists, there is a phenom. In our determination to make something great, we GO PAST the beauty of simplicity and wreck it with further effort.

When I had time...

I tried a few different things
But it just when it had the bare minimum to go out on the streets, the development was halted by the vision of someone who did not know about all of the additions I might make. He had to have it, just the way it was. It took me a while to appreciate what he saw. Years. This project is from 2011. I had forgotten about it until I was going through my photos. Today, I don't even remember what I was planning to do to it next, but I am glad that it stopped right where it did. I love it. Reach out to me if you are the guy.

out of many, one.

E Pluribus Unum was once the motto of the United States of America and references the fact that the cohesive single nation was formed as the result of the thirteen smaller colonies joining together.


  • Neck

    25.75" scale
    Epiphone® I scored it on eBay. I don't know the model. The coolest thing about it is the white paint job.
  • Beam

    Aluminum extrusion from the dumpster on 51st street.
  • Bridge

    Harmony® Floating
  • Pickup

    Single coil
  • Amplifier

    PowerPal I have used these more than any other. Love them!