The design to choose when you don't want to have any excuses.

The simpler, the better.

When it comes to reliability and ease of use we make some concessions to arrive at a state where there are no good reasons why you don't bring it along!

Why simple?

When people ask, "Shouldn't a guitar that nice be inside a case," I would say, "It's too hard to play it when it's inside the case." When you have something shiny and new, you protect it and try to keep it from getting scratched or dented. The more you use it and incur those, OOPS! moments, the less pristine it becomes. Then one day, you realize that you have not been protecting your cherished object the way you did when it was new because you have been too busy enjoying it and carrying it with you. That is where you will be on your first day with your ‘new’ Rubÿtone guitar. Click on a Thumbnail above to find out the story behind each guitar.


  • Unique

    Every time I put one together it starts with stacking parts and measuring. There is always a visual problem to solve before moving forward with the initial inspiration. They always hang in the playing position on a strap that is permanently fixed. Some of them even hang perfectly out of the way when you have it on your back while using the phone. Many of them stand on their own so you don't need to bring a stand to set the thing down.
  • Tone

    Every electric guitar pickup has its own sound to it. The materials that carry the load of tension created by the strings introduce unique attributes. Every amp has it's own sound character. The sum of these parts arrives at a result that can't be duplicated. Reach out to me if you have a recipe that you want me to try.
  • Function

    Its it FUN?
    The guitars that get played the most are the ones that don't get in the way of having a good time. I iron out all the kinks and get them set-up to play like a dream. I save you the hassle of having a separate speaker on the end of a cord by incorporating the amp within the guitar itself. Every Rubÿtone can be played easily while walking, standing, or balanced on the lap whilst sitting.
  • Rugged

    It won't break.
    Every guitar that gets played a lot eventually needs someone to help return it back to its original glory because nothing is perfect. I try to eliminate all of the vulnerabilities that I have discovered over the years carrying them with me and playing them on the way through the city. You shouldn't have to worry about it breaking. I take out all of the tedious wear-in period by selecting various parts that have already been weathered by their previous "story" before they were upcycled into an amp-guitar. If you have some pieces leftover in your closet and you want to bring them to life, let's start a project together. I can fill in the blanks and make it into a guitar for you.


I had a really nice looking orange pickup, so I built a guitar for it.


This is what started it all.
The first Rubÿtone was a project that set the stage for a different way to make guitars.


Two heads are better
Second headstock doubles as a control panel and lap rest so you can play sitting down.


This is all you need to play the electric guitar on the go.


Walkin' and Pickin'
Bare minimum, makes it easy to travel.


Log Cabin Design
Early attempts represent an emphasis on locating the speaker behind the hand. I always wanted to develop a sort-of analog "wha-wah" effect using my hand.


Midi Busker
I wanted to try out the Fishman Triple Play system but never have the time to play with it at home.


/ˌē ˌplo͝orəBASS ˈ(y)o͞onəm/
The application is obvious here but any party can use a little more bass.


26 1/2' scale wide neck guitar with fat strings. Tuned "natural" GCFA#DG Sounds like playing Fender® bass VI with a capo on the 3rd fret.


Simple as it gets.


Don't throw this Joker out.
Park Bench Guitar with Question mark.


I really liked the way this neck was so badly faked.


As simple as it gets. Easy to bring along. Electric guitar on-the-go.


For a friend.
Park bench guitar.


sold on the same day it was made.
Aluminum extrusion built-in-amp guitar.


The only part of the door that can still jam.


In some realm, these pieces go together


I hate you brother, but I love you more!


I like to create a level playing field.


Good Morning
A cross between a Telecaster and an omelet maker.

Drive-in Movie

1940s Drive-in movie speaker
Early attempts represent an emphasis on locating the speaker behind the hand. I always wanted to develop a sort-of analog "wha-wah" effect using my hand.


Quick and dirty
A different way to make guitars.

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