The design to choose when you want to have it small.

When you want to have it small.

Sometimes you can't even play while you are on the way, but you want to play when you get there.

Why Mini?

I was speaking with my friend about how one might accomplish a shorter scale length to reduce the overall size of an instrument to make it easier to bring along - because we want to bring it along - every time. As they say, “If it fits, it ships!” It is also a cool looking capo guitar, without the need for the capo. Think of it like playing a regular scale guitar with the capo at the fifth fret. Let's start a project. Click on a Thumbnail above to find out the story behind each guitar.


  • Unique

    The concept of “upcycling” involves reusing old parts to upgrade them into a marvelous sounding instrument. For the Mini, the idea is to use the smaller part of the scale after delaminating the fretboard. Every time I put one together it starts with stacking parts, measuring, trimming, sanding, and burning. There is always a visual problem to solve before moving forward with the initial inspiration. They always hang in the playing position on a strap that is permanently fixed. It also hangs perfectly out of the way when you have it on your back while using subway turnstiles. Many of them also stand on their own on a mantel or shelf as sculpture.
  • Tone

    Every electric guitar pickup has its own sound to it. The materials that carry the load of tension created by the strings introduce unique attributes. Every amp has it's own sound character. The early designs are made by removing the circuit from the plastic enclosures, but the sound is quite rich from the new ones. The cases are made with ports and engineered waffle patterns in just the right places. NU>X makes the best. So now I retain the original enclosures and the sum of these parts arrives at a result that can't be matched by anything else on the market.
  • Function

    Its it FUN?
    The guitars that get played the most are the ones that don't get in the way of having a good time. I iron out all the kinks and get them set-up to play like a dream. I save you the hassle of having a separate speaker on the end of a cord by incorporating the amp within the guitar itself. Every Rubÿtone can be played easily while walking, standing, or balanced on the lap whilst sitting.
  • Rugged

    It won't break.
    Every guitar that gets played a lot eventually needs someone to help return it back to its original glory because nothing is perfect. I try to eliminate all of the vulnerabilities that I have discovered over the years carrying them with me and playing them on the way through the city. You shouldn't have to worry about it breaking. I take out all of the tedious wear-in period by selecting various parts that have already been weathered by their previous "story" before they were upcycled into an amp-guitar. If you have some pieces leftover in your closet and you want to bring them to life, let's start a project together. I can fill in the blanks and make it into a guitar for you.

Card Gird



Headless short-scale 4-string. Drive-in movie speaker and built-in amp, rechargeable battery, and tuners.


Classic headstock short-scale 6-string. Built-in amp-guitar.


Toy Guitar
17" scale guitar with a piezo pickup and viola strings. EADGBE on a short scale guitar. Hard to do.


Travel Guitar.


/ˌē ˌplo͝orəbəs ˈ(y)o͞onəm/ (rig)
Process on the go with iRig tech on-board.


Ukulele body with stereo Bluetooth speakers and built-in recharging battery.


Travel Guitar
The mini version of the standard viola guitar with a wide board and short scale.


Travel Guitar.


3/4-scale length
22.75" scale Travel/Busker/Apartment Guitar.

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