Standard electric bass neck married to a Blackstar.

Mini guitar

Maximum playing field.

When I had time...

I tried different combinations...
I have always adored the Fender® bass VI. They say the concept was to make it easier for guitar players to fill the bass shoes when the band did not have a real bass player.

I like to play bass that way but whenever I make cord formations and pluck around at the bottom end, it always gets a bit muddy sounding for me.

So I tried it with a capo on the 3rd fret and that cleans it right up. But somewhere along the line, I bought into this "cheater" folklore I guess. Never liked playing with them.

So here's the solution. Instead of missing out on the first three frets and having to transpose to play with the band anyway, why not go with a shorter scale?

It's a Busker Bass

That you can play guitar on.
It started off as a confusing 7-string behemoth with a small cello body

the low B was muddy and the strings were too close together

It looked ok but some things were not right

I eliminated one of the tuners and reconfigured the nut... experimented with string gauges. This thing sstays in tune better than any of my expensive classic guitars! I love it.

out of many, one.

E Pluribus Unum was once the motto of the United States of America and references the fact that the cohesive single nation was formed as the result of the thirteen smaller colonies joining together.



  • Neck

    Maple, Rosewood,
    Jackson® 26.5" scale 7-string
  • Beam

    Cast Aluminum
    Stanley® Framer's Level This one looks like it was used by a welder.
  • Body

    Maple plywood
    Import budget electric guitar body cut down and flipped over.
  • Bridge

    Floating bridge for archtop guitar
  • Pickup

    Jackson® 7-string guitar pickup. It matches the neck width nicely and the strings fall between the poles for a strong dark tone
  • Amplifier

    Fly 3 1x3" 3-watt Combo Amp 3-watt 2-channel 1x3" Battery-powered Guitar Combo Amplifier with Infinite Shape Feature, MP3/Line Input, Emulated Headphone Output, and Tape Delay Effect

First test-drive video