Best of 2019


Before TheBlackOne, I did not appreciate how good the NU>X circuit (and others) sound when inside its ported cabinet.

It started off

With the breakthrough design
It's great when your objective is clear. Sometimes you have to go out on a limb, just too see what happens. This is not one of those. On the previous guitar, the theory was proven. All I really wanted to do is clean up the looks of it on the next one.

Simple controls on the front

Access the amp settings on the back
I was playing with "TwoHeads" when I decided to incorporate the amp cabinet into a hollow-body design (TheBlackOne) midstream. Knowing how well that one turned out, I was eager to crank one out with this in mind from the start.

out of many, one.

E Pluribus Unum was once the motto of the United States of America and references the fact that the cohesive single nation was formed as the result of the thirteen smaller colonies joining together.



  • Neck

    25.5" scale No-name, bolt-neck design. I scored it on eBay.
  • Beam

    IKEA futon frame.
  • Body

    Emenee Tiger Vintage Acoustic Guitar Plastic Sunburst c. 1960s
  • Bridge

  • Pickups

    Single coil
    Jazzmaster® Matched set
  • Amplifier

    nuxefx Mighty-lite-bt It is clear to me that there is no amp in this form factor that exceeds the quality of this one. My first choice, hands down.

First "test drive" video