Everything is still

Just Ducky when you lop off half the weight of the Les Paul®

What we are preserving

Is the pickup and bridge situation.
The rest of it sits more like a hollow-body guitar with an offset approach as a nod to the surf guitars of Fender®

When I had time...

during #stayhome
I followed a vision that I had to intersect the hollow-body Rubÿtone design with a traditional favorite of the solid-body electric guitar players. So I drew some lines and cut up another Les Paul® Some might think it a sin to defile a perfectly good guitar, but the fact is that I never had the guitar, I only had the body with some shitty pickups that needed to come out.

out of many, one.

E Pluribus Unum was once the motto of the United States of America and references the fact that the cohesive single nation was formed as the result of the thirteen smaller colonies joining together.


  • Neck

    25.75" scale
  • Beam

    Epiphone, Les Paul®
  • Body

    Spruce, Maple
    16" viola Solid wood, carved tone plate, and back plate.
  • Bridge

    G style
  • Pickup

    Matched set of humbuckers Unknown brand
  • Amplifier

    PowerPal 1980s I must have bought 25 of these over the years. Such a simple design for it to sound as good as it does.


May 22, 2020 at 11:21am

May 24, 2020 at 12:12pm

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