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Key Points


It might be started with a good idea but we are not going to assume anything until we have something in our hands and can see/feel how it works..


Things are great when the guitar functions well, however. Guitars are works of art, worthy of any amount of visual adornment. I don't spend much time polishing and things. I like guitars that look like they have been used long and hard.


So, it looks good and it plays well. So what,? If it's not fun, then it will probably stay home, right? Rubytone Guitars are fun. Bring one along. It might be the only time you get to play.


You Rock Man!

Emil Belgium

People are too serious. It was refreshing to see you busking through the crowd like that.

Bert Cincinatti, OH

How long have you been playing?

Naked Cowboy Times Square

A bit about our team...

Some day, I may have a team...

I would love to work with an electronics person who has been properly trained. I have learned to apropriate and adapt these components to suit the visions that I have. What I would really like to do is create our own.

There are always ideas for more projects multiplying in my mind. It is impossible to do them all. Then, I start to look back at all of the ones that I would like to duplicate. If you have skills, and you would like to help me get caught up, reach out to me, let's get the conversation going.

Meet the team...

Some day I may have a team, but until then, it's just me following my star.



It starts with an idea. Managing many ideas at the same time, you can't start them all at once, so you make a mock-up and take pictures. I have plenty of ideas to last me for the rest of my life but when ever I build one... I get more.

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Building it

Next, you make a big mess all around your workshop until all of your tools are buried under sedimentary layers of material, scraps and parts from other guitars.

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Now that you have one of these little monsters, you can have some fun in the subway, waiting for the bus. . . Times Square! OR, turn it way, way down and jam out while your wife sleeps in the hotel room.

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