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This is not the first guitar that I built, but the one that got me back to building guitars again. I built it so I could simplify the process of transporting a 6-string on an airplane, but it has gone allot further than I imagined.


This is an example of one of those rare times when your project falls down in front of you like a slave to your every whim at every step along the way. Not only does it sound better than I ever imagined, it is also much louder than any of the others that I have made.


This is a Karaoke machine-boombox, iPhone charger, recording studio, speakerphone which you can also play guitar on. Garageband for the iPhone is an endless possibility when you have your guitar in your hands and some time to kill.


There is something about an old violin. Anything which is old and also has f-holes has mojo that you can't find anywhere else. The tone that this one has is definitely all it's own and if you know of a lighter electric guitar, please send me a picture of it.


...referred to it as such so many times when people ask me how many of these I have made, decided to name it that. Carrying this guitar with me on every commute for awhile now. Such a functional delight and the tone is Complex and rich. Even experienced players who have tried it out got excited when they felt the vibrations as you rock the amp.


...can't imagine how I could have put so much work into this little thing already and still not finished with it. I used two pineapple cans and a Ukulele neck with the Pringles Speaker to bring the noise. Cello strings round out the list of oddities.


...connect your iPhone and lay down some bass lines to go with everything you already licked on your guitar. You don't need an iPhone to run this rig though, it's ready play with or without one.

StaveTwin to the one I refer to as NumberTwentyFive, this guitar also has noiseless pick-ups and a switch. Maybe I will have the coils tapped in these rails next time I see you. These new Fender Mini-Twins sure look nice with the tweed cover and the brown speaker grill cloth.

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This is the first in a series of instruments which began with a mental mock-up that I had been doing over and over in my mind in the months preceding a trip to Thailand. I was going there for the second time and I did not want to leave without the six. . .I had been trying to come up with something that would not sacrifice function but without spending money. The idea was to pillage my collection of guitars and spare parts and construct an instrument that would fit in the overhead compartment on the flight.

I was already tired of the specter of maintaining a fine instrument during a flight and who knows what might happen while gone in Thailand. I did not want the hassle created when the flight attendants know that they are doing you a favor at times when you ask them to find a spot for it.

Nobody wants the liability.

So I wanted to take a “beater” that did not matter what happened to it.  I wanted to be casual about it wherever it was.

I could not find the guitar that I had in mind when I looked in all the places where it should be.

That is when my mind opened.

I chose the one in the picture which was the one that I had in my hands when I had my first great teacher. This is the guitar I learned on. The Atlas is where it happened for me… to connect to my creativity through John, who stood behind me and pushed my fingers down where they go… just like the man standing behind the boy who connects with what it is like to swing the bat the right way.

  The Atlas was badly broken, but I could never discard it because I needed to be true to it forever. I envisioned a way that I could utilize the neck and make a secure joint with the strength and stability where the bridge should be and secure a pick-up as well.


I really enjoy the way the trapeze tailpiece double functions as a battery mount for the NiCad rechargeable. This was the most significant thing that I had ever made. Normally you have to put it together and take it apart several times before you get it just the way you want it. Not this time.



This one is techmically still a mock-up even though for two years it was my most used and reliable guitar. The pieces went together perfectly the first time. It has a body contour that fits so amazingly around your ribs considering how simple and blocky it looks. I have sized up changes many times over the years, but it is not often that your project falls into place as well as this. I will not change it. This guitar will always be sacred to me.

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People always ask me questions like, " How much is this one?", "Do you sell these?" Did you get a petent on that?", "What do you call that?"

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