Combining the Gibson mini-amp with Gibson's neck...

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This is not the first guitar that I built, but the one that got me back to building guitars again. I built it so I could simplify the process of transporting a 6-string on an airplane, but it has gone allot further than I imagined.


This is an example of one of those rare times when your project falls down in front of you like a slave to your every whim at every step along the way. Not only does it sound better than I ever imagined, it is also much louder than any of the others that I have made.


This is a Karaoke machine-boombox, iPhone charger, recording studio, speakerphone which you can also play guitar on. Garageband for the iPhone is an endless possibility when you have your guitar in your hands and some time to kill.


There is something about an old violin. Anything old that has f-holes has mojo that you can't find anywhere else. The tone that this one has is definitely all it's own and if you know of a lighter electric guitar, please send me a picture of it.


...referred to it as such so many times when people ask me how many of these I have made, decided to name it that. Carrying this guitar with me on every commute for awhile now. Such a functional delight and the tone is Complex and rich. Even experienced players who have tried it out got excited when they felt the vibrations as you rock the amp.


...can't imagine how I could have put so much work into this little thing already and still not finished with it. I used two pineapple cans and a Ukulele neck with the Pringles Speaker to bring the noise. Cello strings round out the list of oddities.


...connect your iPhone and lay down some bass lines to go with everything you already licked on your guitar. You don't need an iPhone to run this rig though, it's ready play with or without one.

StaveTwin to the one I refer to as NumberTwentyFive, this guitar also has noiseless pick-ups and a switch. Maybe I will have the coils tapped in these rails next time I see you. These new Fender Mini-Twins sure look nice with the tweed cover and the brown speaker grill cloth.

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I had been making mock-ups with this brand new neck and different ideas for the amplifier.

I believe it's a tremendous design achievement to make the neck joint the way they do. I think it's a tapered dovetail. It makes it really easy to make minor adjustments while they glue it in. I played it a lot before I ever put glue on the joint. This guitar played like a dream! Even after the doctor broke the headstock off the first time! I was able to re- attach it without any impairment. I was playing this one every day on my way into the city and back. She rages on the platform when you're waiting for the A-Train @42nd St.

One day I had it on a pedestal in my massage studio. I swung my leg around energetically to maintain the continuity during a session, The pedestal went flying and the guitar went flying across the room too. I have repaired the headstock again but now it just seems too fragile. My plan is to take this headstock off and turn it into the headless model. The guitar is a bit too heavy. It pains me enough to carry around and have a good time but when it's the first thing that somebody says when I handed to them then she's got to go.

Don't worry, the headstock will go into the library of materials that I can use to solve new visual problems in the future. I should have some new detailed pictures up here before that day comes.

This was the guitar that really turned me on to having the amp built right in. The vibrations you feel in your body because of having it right against your belly. I love the way the controls are right in your face. You dont even need any on-bord volume and tone for the pick-up.

Inside the cabinet is mounted a 9.7v rechargeable battery, which can be connected to an outboard charger. Below, on the right you can get an idea of the "player's view" on this one.

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People always ask me questions like, " How much is this one?", "Do you sell these?" Did you get a petent on that?", "What do you call that?"

... this space will grow as I add more information ...

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